Beyond the beyonds

Under the Shadow, Beyond the Walls, Hell or High Water

As the summer ends and the shadows grow longer we are plunged into cinematic other worlds and dark spaces beyond expected boundaries. Against a charged political background, the Iranian supernatural drama Under the Shadow explores maternal anxieties, while the French fantastique mini-series Beyond the Walls leads us into the psyche of a solitary woman. Both were highlights of this year’s Horror Channel FrightFest, on which we report back.

Out in UK cinemas, we review David MacKenzie’s neo-western Hell or High Water and we have an interview with Andrew Dominik, who directed the Nick Cave documentary One More Time with Feeling, which will be shown in cinemas across the globe for one night only on 8 September 2016, immediately prior to the release of the new Bad Seeds album Skeleton Tree the following day. Also, back on the big screen this month is The Man Who Fell to Earth in a new restoration.

In home entertainment, we take a look at the latest BFI Flipside release, Psychomania, along with the 1942 horror gem Cat People and classic film noir The Glass Key. Plus, Russ Meyer’s 1970s bubblegum delirium Beyond the Valley of the Dolls gets a Blu-ray release.

And as it’s back to school time, The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies returns with a talk by Mark Pilkington on ‘Rituals in the Dark: Evoking Magic on Film’ on 22 September 2016.

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The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology

The End: An Electric Sheep Anthology (Strange Attractor Press) brings together Bill Morrison's chemical ghosts, 50s bad girls, apocalyptic evangelical cinema, Spanish zombies, Japanese nihilists and David Lynch's soundtracks of decay. 'Superb - a masterly accomplishment. Beautifully produced - and its content and vision could not be more accurate and timely.' - Peter Whitehead. Read the reviews.

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Devouring Ambition

Ruthless gold-diggers, obsessive dreamers, visionary megalomaniacs: Our new theme looks at ambition in film - excessive, obsessive, ruinous or sublime, including reviews of Jodorowsky's Dune, Herzog's Aguirre, Wrath of God and Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void, along with a feature on John Huston's The Treasure of Sierra Madre, interviews, podcasts and more.

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Electric Sheep Film Show
September 2016

In this month's show, Virginie Sélavy speaks to Secretary director Steven Shainberg about his latest film Rupture, which marks his first foray into genre, and to the 51-year-old master of the dark fantastique, Guillermo del Toro, who received the Cheval Noir Award at this year's Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal in July. Plus, Alex Fitch talks to Scott Tracy Griffin about his new book Tarzan on Film.
The Electric Sheep Film Show is on every third Wednesday of the month, 5.30-6.30pm at Resonance FM 104.4. Next date: 21 Sept 2016.


BFI Flipside Presents: Psychomania

On 14 September 2016, Flipside curators Vic Pratt and William Fowler host a special screening of Don Sharp's Psychomania, follwed by a Q&A with actor Nicky Henson. One of the weirdest films about young undead bikers on the rampage you’ll ever see, and the only one to feature George Sanders and Beryl Reid as toad-worshipping Satanists.With the secret of eternal life in their grasp, The Living Dead motorcycle gang and their splendidly stony-faced leader Tom (Henson) return from the grave to commit shocking acts of hooliganism in a supermarket. Depraved.

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